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Monday, June 14, 2010

Testing the Waters

It has been pointed out to me that the reflection of light in the sink looked strange because it was limited to being between the taps and didn't extend around the sink. This was the case in reality - the overhead mirror lights only reflected in that narrow space but artists can change the reality they make (which I think is one of the motivators for producing art in the first place) so I took Jane's concern (see comment section under previous post) to heart and felt she was right so I extended that light reflection on either side of the taps. Much better! As they say, the devil is in the details... I had wanted to enter this in this year's Pastel Society show in NYC but the rules for submission require SASE envelopes with American postage (I live in Canada - no current access to American postage) and that one has a "dealer" or "representative" to deliver the work
(if accepted) to the exhibiting gallery uncrated, then when the show is over, presuming the work doesn't sell, one has to have someone pick up the work and go and get it repacked and shipped back to me. I have friends in N. Jersey whom I might be able to persuade to do all this but it is a lot to ask. In addition digital images are allowed for entry but have to be 900 pixels on one side and 300dpi. I can change pixels on my computer but not dpi - would have to send the image to Staples or someplace to have them do it for me. That with the cost of entering (higher for non US residents) thwarted my desire to enter this show. Next year I might try and be more prepared. I can get American postage sent to me by my son and maybe he'll even be willing to deliver it (if accepted) for me (he lives in Rochester, NY - 8 hours away from NYC). By then I might even know how to change dpi on an image - living in this new high tech world is getter more and more complicated for some of us old fogies:-)


  1. This is just stunning! I've followed the progress of the piece and am thrilled with the finished product. It is amazing. And I am particularly impressed with your open mindedness and acceptance of critiques! And thank you for your comment about Eight! Point well made and well taken! Thank you! Your work continues to inspire me!

  2. Well thankyou Suzanne! I always accept honest critiques ( so long as they don't get nasty:-) I am very far from the perfect, earth shattering art wonder of the world I would love to be - you know, a legend in my own mind:-) I see what so many others are doing and I am humbled and have to kick myself to keep from giving it all up some days. I also try to give honest crits which are constructive and helpful, not mean spirited. We artists need to be kind to one another! And there is room in the world for all of us - we all contribute to the well being of this planet! Yay artists!!

  3. You did a great job on this. It's a very attention-grabbing piece. I love the look of relaxed, "in the moment" on the face and the rhythm of the shadows from the blinds. Awesome job on the sink and faucets too.

  4. It's become a beautiful portrait! The skin color is in shadow and light very nice Love the hand on the sink and the water from the tap makes it so vividly. Really a moment in time ... wonderful