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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Colour Is a White Ceramic Sink?

Ok, back to the drawing board the past couple of days and now struggling with this sink. There are a couple of things (well, more than a couple) that it is hard to pin down local colour. Beach sand, for instance, is a very ambiguous colour and difficult to duplicate in paint. This white sink
is turning out to be another. I have painted white crockery and enjoyed finding the variety of colours that reflect in the surface, but this is different. There are no real shadows and the lighting makes part of the white ceramic almost appear old and dirty even though this is a newish sink.
I layered a lemon yellow, a pale umber, and a light blue grey before coating everything with a light layer of white, blending, blending, blending. Some of the curve of the sink seems to have some burnt sienna also so that is in the mix. I hope to finish the sink tomorrow. Then what, I ask myself? Something in the background? Tonal changes back there? I'll sleep on it. At least the faucet was fun.


  1. Hi Karen!... IT is ALWAYS a complete joy to hear from "You"... and to view your wonderfully unique works!

    "You" always come at your subject in very unusual ways... as is the case in the lighting and composition used in this piece.

    Each and every time "You" engage the eye of the viewer in a very strong visual sense... but "You" also appeal using an intellectual "conversation" or dialogue involvement as well.

    "I" love your work... and very much line up with your values and approach to living creatively! Thanks for your comments... and for your company!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

    PS Good luck to you and your hubbie... with the Greenhouse/herb project!

  2. Thanks so much Bruce - such a wonderful endorsement! Really appreciate it.

  3. Love your work on the sink Karen, whites a tricky one, I think youve done well with the subtle colours.