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Monday, June 28, 2010

Roses in the Garden

Taking a moment to review some past work. It is late June and the roses are blooming up here at last. This painting was done in a rose garden back in Rochester, NY of two sisters, BethAnn and Paula. BethAnn was a frequent model for me at the time. I am feeling some inspiration to go back to the theme of a youthful face and flowers around - but I would like to explore the nature of the aging process I think - to have some of the flowers past their prime but still showing a kind of beauty that can be appreciated if one looks carefully. Some past-their-prime female faces are also on the table - the portrait(s) Lyndia (not yet completed) and the painting of Miz Sandy are both in the genre, along with two recent self portraits of myself at the bathroom sink. Thinking a lot about the upcoming last part of life - and it can be good if I let it be - no need to fear if I remain "young at heart", like the old song.


  1. This is a stunning work of art Karen, just incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it. I am going to spend some quality time just looking at it! Bravo!

  2. Hi Karen, This is a lovely portrait. I love that they are wearing dresses made of rose fabric. You have done a wonderful job with this. Good luck in your plein air endeavor, I'm sure you'll do well. I've only been painting plein air a short time and really enjoy it!

  3. I love this portrait of the two sisters. Beautifully done. I love the colors on the poppies as well. Looking forward to your future paintings.

  4. THis is fantastic Karen. I love everything about it, especially their expression. Just beautiful!