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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hitting the Deck

When I had this studio built two years ago I made sure it came with a deck. I am not particularly
a plein air painter but sometimes I like to be out in the fresh air. I can wheel my smaller easel out
here and set up a mini palette and while away some hours. I am the type who has to reward myself with this kind of benefit since I am so aware of chores that need doing around here all the time. Beds made, dishes done, vacuuming accomplished, laundry loads in and out, some weeding, correspondence taken care of, bills paid, (and trying not to worry too much about the shortage of money to do that!) - then I can relax with a clear conscience, except when my husband is so pointedly weed wacking and gardening in front of me (as he is right now)...


  1. LOL! Nothing like a sweating-it-out-in-the-yard-hubby to bring on the guilt when you're sitting comfortably on the deck!

  2. No kidding! (I am pretty good at being in denial though...).

  3. Haha! Time to wheel that easel back inside and turn up the music!