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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sink or Swim

I almost stopped working on this yesterday. I felt suddenly unsure of where I am going with this but including the sink seems to bring it back in focus for me. The sink and taps and the counter are a break from all those stripes. It's just another experiment with my faux Colville style. Meanwhile I am continuing with the painting of Lyndia but I don't feel ready to post that image right now. I am feeling anxious to move on to some other work that has been sitting endlessly in my mind, but that is also what this piece is about - bringing an idea I first had five years ago to fruition. I took photos of myself at the bathroom sink with the venetian blind shadows dramatically
across me and that was tricky - left me with several areas I have to "imagine" if you will. Camera was in the way, sink and taps were not properly in the picture, background was less than ideal...
I just saw it suddenly as a striking image and decided I had to try to get it on canvas/paper. The
shadows were changing fairly quickly with the change of the sun so I didn't have time to prepare the shot or set up anything - just had to capture what I could and took several photos with the
changing light. I had a teacher who stressed never using oneself for a model, but sometimes there is no choice! Hazel Dooney has always used herself as a model and it has done well for her. I am currently on the lookout for a few models to use for the new upcoming work but have to figure out if I can afford to pay them. Sometimes in the past I have offered to give them copies of the photos I take and a drawing, plus a photo enlargement of the finished painting, and that usually goes over very well.
Meanwhile, back to this piece - will it sink or swim?


  1. It's just stunning Karen, I love the contrast. I vote for swim :) It's turning out beautifully.

  2. Thanks so much Crystal - that gives me a boost! It is so often hard to tell in the middle of a piece whether or not its even worth finishing and an outside evaluation can make all the difference,...although, in the end
    it is still up to me:-)

  3. So glad you continued on your journey with this piece. I am in awe. I can't wait to see how you finish it~ You have inspired me today!
    All my best, Theresa

  4. Good stuff, bold approach to the "(wo)man in the mirror", I think this is a piece Edward Hopper forgot to do, or would be proud of doing. The wise painter, like yourself, gets a critique from friends BEFORE they "finish" a piece, getting good tips along the way. The mirror effect works well and your placement of the sink feels just right. Stately and thoughtful work Karen, a true original.

  5. Wow. So nice to get such uplifting feedback! I will post the finished result when it's done and hope your encouragement is well earned!

  6. love the clever play of shadows karen ...have enjoyed watching this develop

  7. It will swim Karen!
    I love to see the finshed painting!

  8. Wow, this is just an amazing painting!

  9. Really interesting piece Karen, its so important to follow our ideas as artists I think, keep at it!