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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ocean...

"Lyndia as Split Personality" (working title) is coming along slowly. Still underpainting most of it but began to work more on the one side of her face. The size is smaller than I normally work, also part of the experiment with this painting. I prefer to have portraits be at least 3/4 to life size. Not bigger though. Bigger gets into grotesques mode. So happy that Lyndia is so openminded about this painting! There is a subliminal understanding that connects us somehow - we both get rattled, spacey, distracted, overfocused, underfocused, depressed, recovered, and consoling - fortunately these episodes mostly play off one another nicely in that when I am depressed she is
in recovery mode and can advise, console, help, and make me laugh and vice versa. Neither of us has answers for anything but just knowing somebody else "gets" you completely is such a comfort! After finishing up with Lyndia and the visit to my son next month I really, REALLY intend to start a figure series and work from live models as much as possible (and as much as my bank account will allow). I would like to forget entering shows, struggling to get set up in outdoor exhibits, trying to "market" effectively and generally just go into painting mode.


  1. This is really looking good!!!

  2. Thank you Teresa, it will look even better (I hope) once it is done!

  3. Yes, the art biz can be soul destroying and being addicted to painting is probably some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder.
    You are doing some fine work...good for you!

  4. When i see a painting and get goose flesh I'm happy! Feel the chill? Stunning work and I love your words. And agree, paint, paint, paint and the rest will just take care of itself. Beautiful work.

  5. Fantastic new work, Karen. Sink or swim is a very compelling image; too bad you couldn't exhibit it in the pastel show, but at least you have it for your next exhibition. Great lighting. Interesting notes on using yourself as a model. Lots of artists do. The only model you can summon at anytime, any place and the price is always right.

  6. Karen, I love what you are doing with this. The crop is great and if you don't wear yourself out on the first painting, I think the top close-up crop would make a great additional painting, too! Very nice work. I'm excited to see what happens next.