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Monday, May 31, 2010


Coming along now on this one. Rough start, placing the venetian blind shadows just so, and
manipulating hand position and how does the shadow work in curly hair? My photo reference was all but destroyed in a move a few years back and so a lot of this is guessing and working from very tiny photo prints I made back then but never enlarged. It is off and running now, though.
A bit depressing to realize how much I have changed in the four years since then. I look at our eldest dog (we have four dogs) and he doesn't really look that different from when he was young - a few grey hairs, a bit skinnier, less clear in the eye, but otherwise very nice looking. Humans age so much more radically, but then, we live a lot longer too,...if we're lucky! I should post a pic of me at 35 in my belly dance outfit (I was with a troupe for five years) - oh to have that flat tummy again.

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  1. I am so pleased to have found your blog!I love this portrait with the pattern of light and schadow,just wonderful!
    Your artwork is absolutely beautiful.
    I look forward to visit often!