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Sunday, July 4, 2010

At the Pier

Yesterday I was part of the Campbell River Art Gallery Art Walk, coordinated to be part of the Garden Tour. This is the first year the gallery has tried this so only a few of us signed up. I am not primarily a plein air painter so I found this quite challenging. My mind was on a lot of other things but I managed to focus for several hours and complete this little piece in pastel. The weather was beautiful and there were a number of good spots to sit and paint. There are literally dozens of boats so I had to judiciously pick and choose and eliminate in order not to become overwhelmed. The city street and stores are just beyond the dock area and up on the embankment are houses that overlook the Georgia Straits. I found myself concentrating on the
greenery and the water and very little on buildings. There was a maze of patterns from all the
sailboat masts but I decided not to include too many. This will be taken to the gallery tomorrow - I framed it today - and it will be sold (perhaps) in the upcoming Wearable Art Show and Art Sale or the silent auction. Sales benefit the gallery and the artists get a small
This coming tuesday I am going east, first to Toronto and then to Rochester, NY. I will be back on the 13th. Not looking forward to the heat and humidity back there but will enjoy the company of my son and probably see some old friends and acquaintances as well as some family members. I can finish Lyndia's portrait when I get back.


  1. Beautiful scene Karen, Im really impressed, I love the bright colours, and well done on those boats!

  2. Hi Karen!... Good for "You"... for tasking time out to complete this delightfully light and airy summer Campbell River piece!

    It floods back sweet memories of a day that "I" spent there... down at the wharf on my own while brother Don did business "up above" on the main street.

    Glad to hear that you and your son are getting ready for an eastern "adventure"... just like my own in Scotland with Allison! Good for the Soul Karen!

    "You" will get to see some of the familiar places "You" were raised near. All of these reflections will fuel an energy... zeal and add contentment for "Home"... whenever "You" must return!

    Have a joyous... uplifting... and safe journey!

    Good painting... and travel!
    Warmest regards my Friend,

  3. Wow, it seems like I'm sitting right on that hill with you, Karen. I really like the feel of this one!