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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Over the Underpaint

I am painting without concern for "accuracy" here. Most of the underpainting is now done so once it dries it is time to building up the layers and tweaking as I go. The light cast a semi
greenish tone to her skin, especially being next to apple leaves so right now she is looking like something from the undead.  And good news, Samanda has agreed to sit for a from life painting this summer when she has some time.  I can think about a full figure piece I think and a great outfit.  Painting from life is much more energizing than from photos.
Two shows are opening next week that I am in. Receptions are both on the same evening. If the weather is ok I'll try for the Campbell River opening. I quite often stay home for these things but my little self promotion angel/demon is whispering in my ear that staying home means less interest in who did my stuff and therefore less danger of becoming successful and maybe making a bit of cash. And we all know what success could mean...you are expected to do it again! That's way too much pressure...


  1. Karen, I can feel the anticipation of a real live-model-sitting in your post. The planning for that will be all-consuming, no doubt.

    I hope you will enjoy your reception at Campbell River. If I still had my boat I would be tempted to scurry on over... :).

  2. my thinking exactly! don't wanna do too much to be successful. although with your skills you have no choice. success will just come to you. beautiful start!