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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Must be my week!

I am very pleased to have discovered that both of my entries into two shows have received awards. The "Heather with Peonies" in the Comox Valley Art Gallery show and "To Tell a
Story" in the Campbell River Art Gallery show.  I had hoped to go to at least one of the openings last night but the weather turned bad and I was nervous to take the hour or more trip down there through the mountains in the dark and falling snow. The shows are just local but I am still very happy about the recognition. Both galleries are known for showing wonderful and well known artists from across N. America so the venues are quite good. Incentive to keep plugging away!  My next door neighbor, Debbie Reusch http://debbiereusch.blogspot.com braved the snow, ice and dark two lane mountain road to go to the opening in Campbell River and let me know this morning about my winning and award. Thank you Debbie!  My dear friend, Lyndia Terre www.lyndia-terre.com also won awards at both of these shows. She lives three hours south and came up to the Comox opening in very bad weather! She told me she shouted "YAY" when my name was announced and everyone there turned and stared at her!
It is good to have fans:-)


  1. O wow congratulations Karen! Both paintings have your signature, lightness of hand yet so realistic. I envy you and your vision :)

  2. Congratulations Karen! They are both lovely paintings and well-deserving.
    Smoothes over the sting from not getting into the other show? They truly were idiots for your work is exquisite:)

  3. Congratulations, Karen.

    What wonderful news to receive awards for both paintings!

    I love your latest work and I know it will show well. ALL the best.


  4. Dearest Karen, Congrats!!! So happy for you and you deserve it these are both beautiful!
    Big ((hugs)) ~Theresa

  5. Yay, Karen! Your awards are very well deserved.

    BTW, I would have yelled, too.


  6. karen that's such wonderful news ...CONGRATULATIONS !

  7. A grand congratulations to you, Karen. Your work is so award-deserving; at any show!

  8. Karen Congratulations, they are both outstanding paintings and the awards are well deserved!