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Friday, February 18, 2011

Moving on...

                                            Grapes in Purple Bowl     oil    12"x12"

Moving on and finished with my mini rant from previous post. Sorry about that. I won't do it again. Meanwhile I decided to enter another show, this one is the David A. Leffel Award for Excellence in Painting competition. The category is Still Life. An artist friend of mine bought this from me but if it is accepted it won't be necessary to send it in. They will want a high resolution jpeg for use in art magazines. It is always nice, too, when a friend purchases a piece because I can always go visit it if I want. I am also trying to think about what I want to start next and I have a couple of ideas. Nothing will happen for a few days though as tomorrow I am delivering work to two different galleries for members exhibits. That means traveling an hour an a half south on the island and we have more snow. The mountain road will be slow and treacherous possibly in places but I know how to be careful. With the other errands I will need to do while down there it will be a long, tiring day. I probably won't get home until after dark and then I will look forward to a relaxing couple of days, reading, catching up on light housework, and allowing myself to not even think about art for a bit. 

I am also concerned because a dear friend back in Nova Scotia, whom I have only gotten to know on FB has had a stroke and I am very worried about him. He paints also and we have had a wonderful few months communicating about our various projects. At 74 he has so much vitality and interest in life...I am hoping this doesn't set him back too far. I just received word from a mutual friend that he has feeling back in his arms and legs...good news! Get Well, Harvey! 


  1. What a gorgeous still life you have created here! It looks so real! I hope your friend is okay!

  2. You left me speechless with this beautiful still life Karen!! Love the colors of the grapes ...very realistic!!

  3. This is so beautiful, Karen. Lots of luck!

  4. I'm amazed at how real the purple bowl looks. Your shading is wonderful. I'm taking a Renaissance painting class and we are doing a still life with grapes. I'm amazed at how hard it is to get this technique. We are trying to show the inside of the grapes! The color from inside that is. I am loving it though and appreciating your fine work all the more.

  5. I can see you really like to paint grapes. They are wonderful, the bowl is exquisite, and the lace balances out the composition perfectly.

  6. Exquisite detail in this painting.