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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time to refocus

Here is the final painting. The top image is from before I softened the feathers on the edge of Chica...it is correct in the full length image.  The tail feathers are not cropped off in the original either but my camera distorts a bit when trying to photograph a long, thin object like this canvas shape. I cropped out the wavy edge, but you get the idea. If I have to start editing my editing in this blog it will cease to be fun and I'll stop doing it.  I have emotionally already moved on from this painting. I don't know, yet, what is next, but I have several good options.  I'll be cleaning the studio and getting this and other paintings ready to take for exhibit next weekend. I have to get mat board and cut new mats for several life drawings that I'm framing for a show in March. 
  I have several books to get back to reading. I generally read for a while every day, mornings and later at night, but lately I haven't put in much time doing that. I have eclectic taste and hop back and forth from psychology, philosophy, ecology, mysteries, humour, historical, and biographies. I don't retain much of the specific details but the general feel of a book stays with me. I once had an excellent memory but I need to rely on clues now to remind me of things. It's irritating but has to be accepted. I do try to use visualization to remember people's names but it often doesn't work because I forget what objects I visualized. Ban Ki-moon is a case in point that did work - finally. I visualized a tube of Ban roll-on deodorant, a key, and the moon. I did the same to remember Kofi Annan by thinking, coffee and Queen Anne. I am getting good at remembering who UN Secretary Generals are but I need to move on to remembering people I actually meet.  At least if I should ever run in to Ban or Kofi I'm all set to not embarrass myself by asking "...and you are?"   


  1. Such funny humor! The painting is really wonderful. You are so talented. She is sure to win a prize and maybe a sale too. I'm going to be posting the "dead" painting of one I am working on in my class soon. It is hard to believe that in the 8 week class I have worked 24 hours on this one painting and at least 24 more at home. If I ever sold it, I'd be making about $2. an hour. Whew. Still, the Renaissance method is a wonder.

  2. Karen,

    WOW... This is absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed how realistic this portrait is.

    I am so glad I got to see your painting process. You are rather fast. Some artist would take six months or more to complete a painting. BRAVO...

    I wish you luck in your showing.


  3. Very pleased you like it and thank you for the kind comments. Michael,
    I do sometimes take months and years to finish a painting. This one came along fairly fast. I was motivated to get it done in time to show. I need a fire built under me quite often.

  4. Hi Karen, I am so excited to see Samanda in all her glory. She is beautiful. Your use of patterns is phenomenal. I also really enjoyed that nice green highlight on Samanda's cheek resting against Chica. She is really stunning.

    Congratulations on a wonderfully successful painting. I can almost hear your sigh from across the water.

  5. Love the close up. Very nice expression in her eyes.