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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Face Behind Leaves

Faces surrounded by leaves, flowers, etc. seems to be a theme I keep returning to. With some time I am sure I could come up with some philosophic and psychological reasons for why I do.  The underlying motivations don't really interest me though so I push on and just try to keep my hand in. I am mulling over some other things I might paint but haven't formed those ideas enough to make that happen so I began this today as a sort of exercise.  Trying to treat the photo reference as if is a subject actually in front of me, not on a two dimensional surface. No careful drawing or variations on composition, just starting right in on canvas which is what I do when I work from life.  My Torrit Grey underpainting was not totally dry in a few places which I didn't realize until I started drawing with the Burnt Umber.  Makes for a muddy start but I can fix that. I WILL have to let this thoroughly dry first though. I am including part of another photo I took at this session where her hand is holding the branch. I want to avoid the "floating head" syndrome. This may end up going nowhere.


  1. So you did not put an underpainting on this one-a base coat of the greys or umbers? That is the way I ususally started paintings til I learned the Renaissance method. I love leave and vines too. This one promises to be a winner..the girl is beautiful.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Yes, I did put an underpainting on the canvas, Torrit Grey from Gamblin. It just hadn't thoroughly dried, which I didn't realize until I began to draw in the image with Burnt Umber. I'll leave it alone for a day or two more to sure it's dry. I hate making mud. What have they taught you to do in your Renaissance class?
    Yes, the girl is beautiful which is why I am doing a third painting of her!

  3. I have enjoyed catching up on your blog today! Thanks for coming by to visit me and for not giving up on me with all of my blogging difficulties... Lol
    Gosh, your work is breathtaking!
    Do you ever get down to this part of the world?!?
    Id love to meet you and have you come visit,,,
    Yes, youd mske the trees and everything else here look more incredible than they are. I can only imagine...