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Friday, February 4, 2011

Before and After

The second painting of Samanda's face is completed and I can get back to the rest of the painting with an easy mind. I only have a couple of weeks left to complete it if I want to submit it for one of two shows next month. I lost almost a week here with this redo but it had to be done. I might spend more time in the studio painting if it weren't so dark every day! I prefer
natural light and there hasn't been much of that lately. By 4pm I can barely see in here. The colour corrected light definitely helps but it has a negative impact on my "looking" sense. I guess I should get over it. Meanwhile, I am struggling to finish up tax forms since Bob wants
to send his in soon and he is mostly done with his except for the part about my income and expenses, etc. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person but income tax forms make me glaze right over. It's stupid, it's psychological, and it's my little way of protesting...all to my own detriment. 
I am already anxious to move on from this painting. I can see so many flaws in the composition and the concept. I should stop looking at the work of other artists whose work is better than mine...except I still want to learn. It's a bit galling that these other artists I admire are about 1/3 century younger than I am. Then I realized that there is positive regard again for the realist schools and old masters ways of painting, which wasn't the case when I went to art school in the mid 60's. Then the NY School of Abstract Expressionism was God with acolytes following the headliners and the newer schools of Pop, Op, and Conceptual. I leaned toward Pop in order not to be completely ostracized but my heart was with Magic Realism, Art Nouveau, and Pre Raphaelites.  I drank up Holbein, Van Eyck, and Botticelli. I took Graphic Design and Illustration rather than Painting Techniques (had to be practical) and over the years painted my own things struggling to find that which I could only know when I saw it. Suddenly there is a whole new school of fabulous young painters out there painting the things I envisioned (but vaguely) and had no encouragement for. Now at 65 I think I am just opening up to what has been inside all this time. Better late than never I guess.

Here are some of my favorite young painters:






  1. Karen, I feel like I could be the other side of your record. Even with the tax thing. Although I admit I still have not done mine.

    Samanda is looking wonderful and she will be ready for "her" show - whatever that is to be. I am excited, as always, to see your progress on her.

    Thank you for sharing those links; they were inspiring.

  2. The new face was so worth the week. She look exquisite. I haven't painted in a few years, and I am wanting to so much. Writing takes up my life these days, Hopefully in the spring when I start to see the beautiful flowers I will be inspired.

    As I have said before, Karen, you are an incredible talent.


  3. I looked up all of the artists you gave a link to and there is no doubt in my mind that you are in the same league. I didn't think you could improve your painting by changing the face because I thought she was already wonderful but..surprise! You did it. There is a softness in her eyes now that renders her kinder and warmer. You are going to win some award at that show!!!

  4. You are so talented Karen. She is so beautiful!. This will be a winner.

  5. Wow! I love the second painting. Would it help to know that you inspire me? Like you, I am starting later in life. Almost every student at my school last year was young enough to be my child, not even half my age! Schools like that didn't exist when I was their age either. Hard not to be a teeny bit envious of the ones who got to continue in Maui. I am very grateful for what I have though! Seeing what you and others have done and are doing helps me to continue on. Terry Strickland is another favorite of mine. I will have to check out the others you listed. Thanks!