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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Putting off the vague parts

After deciding to mute the background pattern a bit (still working on that...waiting for it to dry), I turned my attention to the left side of the shawl and the fringe. I have had only a vague notion of how I wanted to handle this part. I have considered allowing the lower section to be out-of-focus, drippy, misty, and fading. Now that I have begun to finally address all this fringe I am finding it more interesting than expected and will probably take it to a more finished look. The fabric pattern is intended to continue down both sides of the whole figure. Realizing how many ways this painting could go, even more so than most of my paintings, I am again struck by the tyranny of decision making that can keep me awake nights and hold my daytime thoughts while I make the bed, do the dishes, wash clothes, clean floors and interact with my other half.  The fringe is off white but with the lighting and bouncing of that light it picks up many other colours and values and I will have to work at not allowing it to take too much of the focus (as I almost did with the patterned background) away from the face and the bird. I have a week and a half to finish this and I'm still not even sure which show I will place it in. A lot could still go wrong, of course...

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  1. everything is right with your work. this is and continues to be just stunning, with each decision you make. i'm taking a page from your book and spending the time i need to do a painting. i've been rushing through for no reason. thank you for your posts, your process is very helpful to me.