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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tristan Traveling Through Time

Thinking so much about my son lately that I decided to put this image up of a painting I did of him about 10 years ago for a show in Vancouver. I have long been impressed and mystified by the process of change we all go through from birth to death. These are both my son but could be two separate people. Both are true and neither are true any longer. The essences of "impermanence" that is the most compelling truth in existence. I think I would like to do a new painting of him very soon as he has grown so much spiritually and mentally in ten years and this
year, in particular, seems to be a pivotal one for him. I cannot make his road for him or remove many obstacles from the one he is on but I can record it and perhaps allow him to see the underlying gifts he possesses. Gifts we all have if we look.


  1. What a beautiful painting and such a moving post. I would love to see a painting of how you see your son now :)

  2. Karen, I want to thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I have enjoyed looking through your blog and website. You work is beautiful and excellent. I have added you to my blog list so that I can keep up with what you are doing next. Blessings Vicki

  3. The portrait of someone we know well has to be, hands down, the most challenging subject for the painter. This piece is not only done well, but a thoughtful double portrait, incredible work!
    "Letting go" of our kids- and letting them find their own voice is a challenge for me as a young dad, i have to humble myself daily before God and trust he will do right by them, and he will. And that, makes even the toughest art project seem like a cake walk in comparison!
    Best to you, and thanks Karen!
    Taylor Lynde

  4. Hi karen - thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I have just read this and your previous blog. My only daughter went through the same pain of breaking up with a partner of 5 years. It is so sad and distressing at the time. They had made a lovely little country cottage their home and all seemed well. Obviously it wasn't and eventually they moved on. She is now about 3 years further on and has a new life and is happy (no new partner at the mo). So I do hope all goes well for your son. Your paintings are lovely and seem to capture a special something. Best wishes- Jo

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Karen! Sure will be a difficult time for your son, I love the idea behind this piece and would love to see a portrait of him now)

  6. karen, thank you for your comments and stopping by my blog. and thank you for the invite to yours, your work is incredible!! so ethereal and light, your use of color is so pleasing. your composition, everything! i'm looking forward to more. i'm a follower!

  7. What a beautifully written post. You are a good mother and a gifted artist. I enjoy your words as much as your images. The treatment of the faces and those shoes is driving me mad, i can't stop looking at them!