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Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping it Together

I have received sad news from my only child - he and his fiance have separated after four years. Impossible, tragic situation that he tried to work with for some time now and it finally fell apart. He is sad but relieved. My gentle child. I will post a painting I did of him a while back after this post. Here I am exhibiting my own fragmented feelings in these two pieces that I have recently started. The top is a self portrait, similar to "On the Cusp" piece from last year, but in pastel, nude, with more shadows changing the image shapes. Again, my old self, my new self, contrasted starkly in light and shadow. Which is me? They both are and have been and will be. "All compounded things are impermanent." Accepting this is difficult but easy if you let go all notions of ego and self. How to do this? I feel the pain of my child and of the world. Seeking joy while of two minds (as is Lyndia in the second painting) is like reaching across an ocean. Can we connect? I want to help. I want to heal.

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  1. Karen, I love your self portrait here - fragmented but hanging in there. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your very welcome comments. I (from UK) have family who live in N. Vancouver actually but on the main land, not the island.