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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Signs of Spring

The rains are finally giving way to sunnier days although our temps remain low (which is fine with me as I prefer cool weather). I especially love the
variety and number of rhodos that grow out here. They are amazingly dramatic without being flashy and have some wonderful, subtle variation in their
colours. The Red are almost done but now the pinks
are opening and the intensity of the hues just as they
open from buds is wonderful. And my little cherub is
happier now sitting under the willow and finally getting to enjoy some sun, contemplating what new
flowers will open in the garden. I take a zillion photos every year and file them away thinking I will paint them all but in reality I only do a few florals. My first love is the figure and other subjects distract me, but that is ok too. I am about to get back to silk painting and ordered a new kit of dyes and silks. It has been eight years since I did any silk. I do suffer moments of regret about the moths who die in their
cocoons so that we may have this incredible fabric. The noir silk that is made from allowing the moths to break through their cocoon is not as suitable for painting and not as strong. I offer thanks to the little insects that give their lives for such a wonderful product. Once I begin to silk paint I will post some pics of the process.

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