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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pushing the Envelope

                                                         "Pushing the Envelope"  oil  36"x36"

      I think I got lost on the way here way back in April. I have been distracted and now I feel I might actually be getting back on track. 
      The above painting was completed in the summer and won an award in the FCA Painting on the Edge show last month. It is the first time I have been accepted into that show so I figured this piece was "edgy" enough. I also completed three figurative paintings of my model-in-a-box series with Michael Ward posing. None have been accepted in anything. Do I paint the male figure differently? Possibly. 
      For now I am amazed and pleased that I have gotten back to the blog and we'll see how it goes from here. It's that time of year, at least for me, to think about reorganizing and starting fresh. Something about the new school year embedded in my psyche no doubt. This will only work if I do the organizing bit my own way. I am deleting newsletter subscriptions, failing to respond to requests for ongoing support for many worthwhile causes, and generally thinking I have to get more introspective for a time. I am tired. I do not want the woes of the world to implode my brain. I still care but I have to sit back and just watch for a while. And I want to return to painting stuff I really love, like attractive and interesting women wearing attractive and interesting textiles which don't necessarily have any statement to make other than, gee, it feels nice to just look at this. I have pushed the envelope and found it wanting.


  1. Hi Karen! Nice to see you back again. Gorgeous painting!

  2. many congratulations karen ..it's a strong piece ... good to see you back .

  3. Hi there!... Glad to see you back in the game with a mitt on yer hand!... and obviously from the success of this wonderful piece of figure work... a brush or two as well!

    Life can get in the way if we let it. Causes are great, but it would seem that one can spend their entire lives crusading for the good of others... and never get to see the "Holy Land" ourselves. Beinbg Being "Self"-ish... is not the same as being... selfish. In order to remain positive... even towards others ... we must learn to respoect and serve that "Self" dwelling within. Otherwise small "r" resentment can develop into capital "R"... and make you unhappy... and unfulfilled in your own life!

    Just a thought!

    The work is... in my opinion... magnificently drawn and painted Karen! "Pushing the Envelope" seems to me a strong visual record of your Self-discovery! Shine on!

    Welcome back!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,