"Everybody knows a work of art takes at least an hour!" Lucy to Linus, (Peanuts)

FineArtViews Painting Competition - Twice in the Fav 15%

http://canvoo.com/boldbrush/badge/13203 three times selected for FAV15%, Fine Art Views Bold Brush Painting Competition

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Viewing closeup details of work has its own fascination. Does the feel of the larger piece change or does it allow for more insight to the process? A bit of both I think. These recent pastels have been teaching me to let go more. I am going to be working back in oil paint for my next painting and wonder if I will utilize any of the lessons from the pastel process. One of the exciting things about making art is that even when carefully planned there are surprises that result in the final work.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finished Poppy Pastel

Finally finished the latest poppy piece. I was sidetracked by a lot of other things going on. We have our grandson, Tyler visiting now and the days are very filled. I am happy with this newest piece...it is looser and more spontaneous than my usual work...could I be developing a more mature style? I am losing patience with finicky, highly detailed things in my work, at least for the moment. I don't like to box myself in by saying that I have changed what I do and will never go back - each work calls for what it needs and I try to be faithful to that.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Online Instruction

I am working on a new brochure for my latest project - an online art class. I have been mentoring a few portrait students online for the past year or so through the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists and it seems to work pretty well. Aha, I thought - a new venture to develop! I am offering classes in six week increments and the $125 fee will include weekly assignments and personalized demos, suggestions, critiques, and encouragement. Each student can decide on the area they are interested in studying and work at their own pace. No traveling or packing or extra expenses for accommodations, food, transportation, etc. You do need to be able to send and receive jpegs.
I want to continue to offer in-house, in-person workshops and am planning another draped figure class for this September, weekend of 19th and 20th. Emphasis will be on drawing and painting the costumed figure with model fee and Bob's famous vegetarian lunches included in the fee. To register for this workshop email me at ksampson@saywardvalley.net or call 250-282-0134.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another pastel poppy piece in the works. This one has been a bit more of a struggle but I think I have got the upper hand now. It won't be done in time for tomorrow's Art in the Park show but I can be working on it while at my canopy. This often brings people over to the booth since many enjoy watching the work happen. Bob wants me to do charicatures of people for $15 each but I don't do charicatures! I could offer to do 15 minutes quick portrait sketches. I have done this in the past - WAY in the past - but I suppose I could try it again. I found a very interesting artist's site that I recommend perusing for a delightful time online...www.artbybruce.com This guy has a fabulous sense of humour and is pretty talented with his coloured pencils. More wondering where I am going with what I do. A lot of us are rethinking things right now I guess. This morning I feel new resolve to continue on and make the best art work that I can. A new figure painting is in the works and that cheers me. The canvas is stretched, all coats of Gesso are sanded - it is ready to start. Starting is the hardest part. Put the first stroke down and then the pure white surface is marked - the possibilities become more focused and less overwhelming. It is only paint.