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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back at the easel

           Pulled out a canvas I started last February and decided to see what I can do with it. The hat flowers have taken center stage for the moment. I just want to put paint down and not be too worried about the results. I felt, as I usually do when I've been away from the easel for a while, like I had three left thumbs. It comes back though. 

        The exciting news is that tomorrow I have a model coming over to spend the day posing for me. This is a local woman whom I have wanted to paint since I first saw her several years ago at the junction gas station where she works. Amazing eyes and wonderful, slightly unruly dark to greying hair. I have no specific plans but I found an old colourful shawl that should look good on her and set up my new lighting (the lights I bought for the workshop I gave at Pearl Ellis last February.) I contacted the company to let them know that the light stand, with extension boom arm (always wanted one of those!) did not come with the brass screw/nut on the end with which to attach a light! I had to Mickey Mouse the set up the last time I used it. They sent the screw attachment in a huge box but I didn't get charged for anything even though I was told to expect to pay a duty for it to cross the border! My Mom was right: the squeaking wheel gets the grease.


  1. I love the end result of this painting. It is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  2. Love the hat lady--yes, it is the focal point, but a woman who wears such a bet defines herself with such. Great job...I also like the gas station model--do you have more? How long have you painted? Good luck..hope to see more.