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Thursday, November 19, 2009

news from Wisconsin

Bob and I have traveled to Viroqua Wisconsin to visit his family. While here I plan to start a new painting of Bob's sister Sandy to have ready for the "Telling Stories" exhibit in January. Then I went and broke my left foot so a lot of things I wanted to do have been put on hold or postponed. I did manage this morning to get to Sandy's charming, funky house in the beautiful WI hills and checked out clothing and settings for her portrait. Sandy is a musician and singer so I want to pose her in a performance garment and with one of her guitars. She also has a special, very personal decorating sense which every room in her house reflects. Choosing a place to pose her presents many possibilities but I think I have found a small corner in her bedroom that will work beautifully. I placed various of her costumes in a chair in that spot and photographed them to see how the background and lighting work. Later next week, as I can manage to hobble around with more dexterity I will spend a while posing her in those clothes:-) (she is grateful she gets to wear clothes for this painting!).