"Everybody knows a work of art takes at least an hour!" Lucy to Linus, (Peanuts)

FineArtViews Painting Competition - Twice in the Fav 15%

http://canvoo.com/boldbrush/badge/13203 three times selected for FAV15%, Fine Art Views Bold Brush Painting Competition

Saturday, January 30, 2010

on figure drawing...

While I love to paint, especially in oils and with pastels, there is something primal, personal, and ultimately satisfying about the act of drawing which is not matched in any other medium. The figure is the most challenging subject, offering endless range of description and possibility. The act of drawing is a back to basics method which can be meditative, frustrating, and powerfully instructive, often revealing the artist's true nature. The dance between model and artist exists for a short moment; the artist must capture the figure's spirit as quickly as possible; even a long held pose begins to morph as the model's body shifts and settles with unconscious subtlety. LIFE is not stagnant - does the artist erase, redraw, or incorporate the changes? A life question.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Campbell River Exhibit

The opening for "Telling Stories" was attended by a small (35 people?) but enthusiastic group. Almost everyone stayed for the entire evening, which I am told is unusual for an exhibit reception. There was a lot of interest and appreciation for the very nicely displayed work (thank you, Kristen Scholfield-Sweet, curator) and many perceptive questions and comments. In addition the photographer, Michael J. Neufeld, from Comox, who has a showing in the Discovery Gallery section, gave a very interesting talk concerning his methods and motives. His beautiful landscape photos nicely contrast with the figurative works in the main gallery. Wine and baked goodies added to the festive ambiance. Some friends turned out for the occasion also which was so reassuring to me and everyone was having a very nice time. The bleak, grey, rainy weather we have been having for quite some time seemed of no consequence and luckily the rain had stopped in the afternoon. A brief respite only...it started to rain again over the weekend and continues even now. In this photo, courtesy of Susan Schaefer, Qualicum Beach artist and publisher of Island Arts magazine, I stand next to the painting of Sandy and mostly I am struck by how much I look like my mother. But there is wonderful news! Sandy has written that her dear friend, Luke, wants to purchase the painting and if this does occur I am extremely grateful! A more hopeful beginning to the year and perhaps more good news to come? It is nearly time to hang the show of figure drawings at the Union St. Grille and then I shall need to seriously think about what is next. There are several projects in my mind but, often, keeping ahead of my sense of futility and lack of purpose is sometimes all I can manage. I need to remember the idea of abundance in the universe and that artists are an important part of the story of mankind. Even my little contributions. So often it is difficult to do, especially in recessionary times like these. And so much pain and suffering around the world makes my small problems very insignificant indeed. I have much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clive Powsey's drawings

Clive Powsey is a figurative artist who lives a couple of hours south of me in Cumberland, BC.
His life drawing and portrait sketches are truly worth a look as they have so much to teach.
You can find his work at http://water-colourpaintings.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Presenting Miz Sandy - finished!

The feeling of coming to the end of a painting is always bittersweet. I feel happy to have gotten through the project but always think that it could somehow be better than it is. This gets delivered next friday along with the three other paintings chosen for "Telling Stories". Oooooh!! Why aren't I better?? They are good, pretty darn ok, and even fairly pleasing, but not brilliant! It is as if, once I begin a new piece, I forget how to do this thing...and once it is finished it strikes me square in the face that my competence is so lacking... And now, what is next?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where to put the rest of the teddy bears...

Finally coming into the home stretch, I think, but I STILL have to decide where to put the other teddy bears and the crucifix. I kind of like the image as it is but part of my reason for doing this painting is to be "telling" a "story" (the exhibit is called "Telling Stories" after all). Part of Sandy's story involves her surrounding of which I am only able to show a small section here. Her walls are not blank...none of them are anywhere in her house. These items she has chosen to display are all part of who she is and part of her story. Going to need to use some retouch varnish on the guitar, I think. The dark Indigo colour gets splotchy (technical term) looking when gone over more than once or twice. Dark colours can also look dead and sunken in spots, thus the saving grace of retouch varnish. Those dots are meant to be sparkles that are part of the guitar's finish...hoping the use of iridescent paint on top will make those dots shiny. Shiny needs to be on those sequins on the jeans also. This is new territory for me...