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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pushing the Envelope

"Pushing the Envelope"  oil   12"x12"  

             I have been invited to take part in a show for this month's Women's Day at the Cafe of Contemporary Art in Vancouver, called "Raining Women's Voices". My friends Dianne Buxton and Vone DePorter, of LA, will have poetry and a drawing in the show. I have wanted to do something with this idea for a while and thought this was the right time to at least do a comprehensive study. I would like to do this at a much larger size at some future point but the little piece has its own charm.
              It is good to be feeling more involved, again, with my work, and I think this is going to be a fairly productive time for me. Several ideas are becoming more focused now and having sold some work recently is great incentive to keep at it! I realized that a long time fantasy actually came true when, last month, a couple drove quite some distance to come and find me. They stopped in Sayward village and asked where I lived and I got a call from the village office telling me that these people were looking for me. Once here they ended up purchasing two paintings! They had seen my work two years ago at a show down island and kept me in mind all this time. Having people "beat a path to my door" so to speak! Even if it never happens again I have this memory, a wonderful moment of feeling a success and appreciation.
               This afternoon I drive down to Comox to take down the show that I have shared with Yvonne Maximchuk. The time went by so quickly! Hope I remember how to fit all that work neatly and safely in my hatchback Prius.


  1. Hi there!... Congrats on the sale! Just goes to prove. Life doesn't have to "box" you in... if you can think. and act outside of it!

    Timing is everything. Having the patience to wait... is as important as well. Maybe... your time has come! Fingers crossed for you! Keep the Faith... and keep painting!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. I really love this piece Karen. Such an unusual composition. I like that a lot. :) And how wonderful that they tracked you down!! That is such a good feeling Karen, and glad that it's motivation for you to paint more. :)