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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming CBS Sunday Morning Challenge

"Curly Headed Sun" oil 12"x12"
Side stepping today to do this little painting to send to the upcoming challenge in Dante's Pub. It is a chance to have your work selected to be shown on the CBS Sunday Morning show. Go to http://www.theartistchallenge.com/upcoming-art-challenges/ to find out the details. The challenges come up every few weeks and give artists the opportunity to have work seen by collectors and maybe SELL something! Aside from that it is just fun. Most challenges cost a mere $7 to enter and some are free! Victoria North, a talented artist in her own right, is in charge of this enterprise and very accommodating those of us who may be computer challenged when it comes to sending her the correct size jpegs! I made a semi self portrait with my sun...I have a lot of wildly curly hair. Deadline for this challenge is this coming Saturday, Jan. 8th!

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  1. I love your sun, and your wildly curly hair! Good luck with this, I hope it gets you lots of sales. :)