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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love pattern and textiles. Part of doing this piece is an excuse to indulge that. Already I can see many possible directions for this to go in but I think I will try to keep with the initial image I had decided upon. Sometimes I think I should do one painting over and over in all the possible ways I envision. I think I would tire of it, but perhaps not. How will I know if I don't try it? I think it would need to be with something a bit smaller and less ambitious.
Today I received an unexpected invitation to show with a few very wonderful, well known pastel artists at the Old School House Gallery in Qualicum Beach this coming summer. This includes Russian born artist Nicolas de Grandmaison, who died in 1978; Joseph Plaskett, "considered to be one of Canada's most talented and established painters," & who set up the Joe Plaskett Foundation which allows a selected Canadian artist to travel and study in Europe; Harley Brown, who wrote "Eternal Truths for Every Artist" (available from Amazon); Veronica Milner, subject of the biography by Margaret Cadwaladr "In Veronica's Garden" (also available at Amazon); and Dorothy Oxbourough, well known BC artist specializing in Native American Children portraits. Invitations to show with such established and esteemed artists are very encouraging and so much less stressful than entering a juried show and hoping to be included. I wasn't planning to exhibit much this year but I think this is an opportunity not to be passed up! This is a real surprise. Maybe my hope to end up exhibiting in a gallery like Bau-Xi in Vancouver or Toronto is realistic (that is one of Mr. Plaskett's galleries).


  1. Oh, Karen,

    She is gorgeous. It's so subtle it almost has a finished quality already. I know it's not done yet, but it look amazing.

    You should be in one of the finer galleries... You work is spectacular.

    Good luck with the exhibition this summer.


  2. Love watching your progress Karen - going to be an imperial painting!

    Congrats on the exhibit - included within an esteem group.

  3. Oh wow! She is looking just beautiful and who can resist textiles? Congratulations on the invitation to show!

  4. Congratulations! This could be your stepping stone to get into the Vancouver and Toronto galleries. How wonderful and much deserved.

    It's amazing what opens up to us when our work gets to a certain point. The point of various possibilities..

  5. you could end this one right now and have a wonderul painting. it says so much.
    Go for that gallery idea. Your work should be acceptable. It is professional and certainly sellable. good luck with things you have going on.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful and supportive comments, once again. It is so nice having feedback...something we all need, I think.

  7. This is an amazing piece Karen!! Beautiful color! Looking forward to seeing it finished!!

  8. Do you know how I know you're so good? Every time I visit your site, I want to run to my easel and start painting :). She is coming along so nicely, Karen, and I can just feel that anticipation and wanting to run forward and hold back the reins at the same time. Fun isn't it? Of course, I will be eagerly awaiting the outcome which I know will be spectactular.

    Congratulations on the invitation - that is great news and sounds like an opportunity just waiting for you to indulge. Well-deserved, too!

  9. First, gorgeous painting!! Samanda has a truly beautiful expression. What a great model. :)

    Second, You are going to be showing with Harley Brown!!!!! That is the most AWESOMEST thing I've heard all day!!! Your work does deserve to be in the finest gallery, it is just stunning. :)

  10. Sandy, what a wonderful compliment! I really appreciate it and am so glad I can help in motivating your own painting!
    Thanks Crystal! Great that you know who Harley is...this isn't a show in a really important gallery - Qualicum Beach isn't exactly the center of the art world, but it is always good to be in the company of great artists no matter where it is!

  11. the painting looks very exotic... that's fantastic news karen you must be delighted...i've just read alittle about joseph plaskett thankyou ... what an incredible artist and spirit at nearly 100 .