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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decision on Chica

Thank you for the input regarding placement of Chica. It has been decided, and I agree, that it is best to keep a slight distance between bird and girl. The parrot's head and neck angle to echo the curve of Samanda's cheek and I think that works ok. The painting will be ok too. But is ok enough? I am seriously considering shutting down this computer for a while and just working! My brain feels divided. I find myself interested in what so many of you are doing also that I while away the time becoming involved with processes not my own. And now we are basically snowed in for a time. No excuses for not painting. I did my bit of shoveling to make it out here to the studio. Dinner will be simple, hearty, and warm this evening, which still comes by five o'clock. If the power stays on we can cuddle under blankets and watch DVD's. If it goes out there are enough candles and oil lamps to allow a bit of reading and then early to sleep under even more blankets. Hey, what am I complaining about??


  1. Your snow time sounds like fun to me. I know after awhile it would be too much fun though.

    Blogging is a distraction at times for sure. Right now I'm very excited about the class I will be giving in sculpture this summer so I'm in an upbeat mood. Lots of work to do before the class.

    I had no idea how hard oil painting is to do until I started this Renaissance oil class a few weeks ago. It is causing me to stretch..and that is good. I hope you can take the time to devote entirely to your gorgeous painting. If you don't want to keep her, I'm sure you'll have a fast sale.

  2. It looks more than ok, it looks fabulous! I really can't wait to see the next step. :) And I know what you mean about the computer, sometimes I think about doing that too. But then I would miss posts like this! And I hope you survived the snow, although with your plan it sounds like you would have a great time even if your power went off.

  3. This painting is already stunning! Love the vertical format and the way the figure fills the space. Perfect placement of the bird. Can't wait to see this finished beauty!