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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I thought I'd never start...

Today's efforts finally seem worth something after days and days of messing around. I don't feel such a procrastinator, (although I remain one at heart). Now I can look at what everyone else is doing without guilt, thinking I really ought to be working. I might even be back to business early tomorrow. Oh, one can only dream. James Taylor and Piano Classics really help.


  1. What a gorgeous beginning Karen.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more.


  2. Karen, great start with the color! I like the way she coming along. Thank you for sharing your process.

  3. She is coming to life! I find oil painting to be quite difficult in comparison to acrylics. Your campinatura (see, I think I'm learning the terms) is a rich pink. The one I'm working with now is a mixture of raw umber, black and white. I would imagine that the pink would brighten the oils quite a bit. Your portrait paintings are the best I've seen. I'd be in the studio all the time if I could paint like you!!!

  4. Hi there "You".... So glad to see "You"... busting out of "the blues"... moving confidently through... and out of the the red(tone)... and back to being on top of your usual top game!

    Hey! More "connections!... James Taylor.... Piano Classics... to motivate and feed the Soul! My diet has been Willy Nelson (Evergreen))... Diana Krall... and Michael Buble during my project... which by the way... to answer you size question... is 6x9 feet!

    I'm a-lookin.Stay the course!

    Good Painting... and easy listenin'
    Warmest regards,