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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Second time around

I appreciate the comments so far regarding my displacement of Samanda's head and while to some it may seem to require "courage," for me it was a case of do it or lose sleep over it.  I did put it off for days and days, hoping by some miracle the image would suddenly seem right all by itself.  The magic painting fairy must have been elsewhere. The studio elves aren't much help either.

Regarding the use of the Quick Dry White I have posted a picture of it. It is oil paint (by Gamblin), and I only painted a very thin glaze over the previous image. I needed to obliterate the underpainting enough to see where to place the newly drawn features. It was dry enough to paint on today, which it would not have been if I had used a regular white like Titanium, or Zinc. It would possibly be several days drying and I didn't want to wait that long to get back on track. I honestly don't know how archival this is but my underpainting was not heavy. I don't paint thickly as a rule, although reworking a totally finished painting is not something I would want to do. The layers change chemically over time as I understand it so reworking is best done fairly soon while in the midst of painting. Having put the thin white glaze on I was also able to start applying new colour without having to paint the new layer too heavily. This is the first layer and I will need to go back in and apply yet another layer once this is dry. I will then be able to work in the subtle value and hue changes in her skin. I am also attempting to make her expression a bit less sombre...moving her lips up at the corners just a tad. Once I have completed the new face I will post it next to a picture of the former face to show the change.

This turned into a great day to paint in any case. The sky cleared up some and I can see BLUE up there and a little sun off to the south...still pretty low in the sky. I like winter and the warm soups and bundling up with blankets and books, etc., but by February I find I have had enough. I need to feel real grass under my feet, not the ice that continues to thwart my outdoor walking efforts. And dragging my easel out on the deck will be welcome, but that won't happen for at least three or four more months.


  1. Karen, enjoy watching the progress of this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I was introduced to the fast drying white Gamblin recently as a gift from a fellow blogger. To see you use it here and to hear that it can dry overnight is really interesting. I was using it quite thickly in my last painting session but it really does help to dry other pigments too when you mix it in. The lovely lady is coming along well, I have been watching the updates with great interest.

  3. I've just been going through your last few posts that show your work in progress and I really, really loved it. I love seeing your process and always love seeing your work, but what I really love is hearing you talk about how you paint and changes and frustrations you have along the way. It makes me feel better I guess because I feel like that so often and everytime I do I think that any talent I have has run away for good! I really love this piece Karen and can't wait to see it finished. :)

  4. Hi, Karen,

    The new face is beautiful. I can see now why you didn't like the first one.

    I still amazed how quickly you work. You are very talented. You attention to details is inspiring.


  5. Thanks Karen for the great advice on the Quick Dry White. I'll be watching for the change.