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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Red/Green Bias

I have been noticing over the past few years that I use red and green combos quite a lot. Depending upon the hues chosen this colour use does not have to be Christmas-like. I have always professed to love bright purple (like Iris Purple) as my favorite colour but I seldom use it in my work. I seldom wear it. I do not like decorating my house with it. Still, whenever I see the blue/lavendar tone anywhere I am drawn to it. Small doses seems to be best. An accent of
exotic purple brightness fills my need. It is not an easy colour to live with. So, I am living with a  red/green scheme in my house, my clothes, and my painting. Soft yellows are a favorite too...and sometimes blue, but not a raw ultramarine...more cerulean or cobalt or turquoise. Some colours I really can't deal with (for my own use) are Fushia, Rust, and Mustard Yellow. They may sneak in on occasion but could never take center stage in my life. 
The psychology of colour choices is fascinating and there are many books on the subject. Reading them can be enlightening but I think I try to bend my personality to fit what the experts say my colour preferences might mean so it is an area I like to let alone for the most part and just follow my instinct. Once I start using a colour, however, I spend a great deal of time balancing it with other colours and values, attempting to find it's perfect partnership. I reject many more colours than I use. What is that rejection or acceptance about? I don't know the reasons but I know it when I see it.


  1. Karen,

    You are doing a stunning job on this painting. I love the you paint fabrics... lovely.

    I can't wait to see the finished product.


  2. She's coming along beautifully-all the colors you have chosen for her blend so well. I'm working on my first campitura-I think that is the spelling. Very difficult. I am loving the challenge so far though. It makes me appreciate your work all the more.