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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok, I hit the inevitable "don't know what to do now" syndrome that is a part of every single piece I do. The model wore black socks & jeans for the sitting and I was thinking about painting her legs and feet bare but kind of liked what was an initially unplanned, unexpected and fun juxtaposition of the classic draped figure with the peek of contemporary iconic costuming. The black of the socks seemed to be too dominant, though, so now I am going to try showing bare feet, but keep the jeans. I need to find a suitable foot model...posed my own feet but not the right look. My 64 year old feet aren't bad but not youthful enough for this model, plus I inherited my mother's very flat feet and they aren't terribly graceful, (see photo). I think my next door neighbor, the talented watercolourist, Debbie Reusch, will pose her feet for me. She is lovely and athletic and much younger than I am and I think she has good arches:-) You can go to her blog for a visual treat of beautiful watercolour paintings.
Anyway, if I can get this finished in the next couple of days I will take it down to the Comox Valley Art Gallery to submit for the 35th Anniversary Show, a gallery fundraiser worth participating in and going to see; October 24th to November 7th. I just hope the pale background colour is dry enough to the touch when I bring it in...

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