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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Big Fish in a Little Pond

So now I have made the North Island newspaper without having to send them a press release and beg for some notice...the best kind of publicity. I am very pleased the painting is going over so well but it makes me wish it was better than it is. Next time. And the next one is probably going to be of my sister-in-law, Sandy, whom I'll be seeing in a couple of weeks in Wisconsin. Bob and I go down there about once a year to visit his parents and see Sandy and husband Phil.
My next blog will be from there, in Viroqua, southwest part of the state and not far from the Mississippi. Nice area and it should be beautiful right now with the Autumn colours. Anyway, Sandy is a singer/songwriter and has some very cool performance costumes that I want to use in a painting of her. I'll know more when I see her and the costumes and the environment. If
I can pull it off I will put it in the "Telling Stories" exhibit at the CRAG next January. It feels so good to have some inspiration and I need to follow up on it...not let it simmer too long as that is when I begin to lose impetus.

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