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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rethinking Damien

I receive a weekly newsletter called the "Friday Roundup" from Ken Blackburn, through the Campbell River Arts Council. There are often intriguing bits of information about art and artists from around the world and this week in particular. Alexander Boldizar has recently interviewed Damien Hirst in his current Bali home where he has begun a series of paintings. Damien has apparently decided to quit his usual production of formaldehyde encased animal sculptures, etc., and concentrate on his first love...painting. I had long sloughed off the work of Damien as being publicity generated, unattractive, blatantly obvious "commentary on our society" sort of stuff. His DOT paintings did not impress me. I didn't know the man it seems. I still don't but now after reading this fascinating interview I have rethought my initial unkind assumptions. The guy is a serious thinker and has some very worthwhile things to add to the society, plus his new paintings are very beautiful in a dark, neo Gothic sort of way. Go to: www.boldizar.com/blog/nonfiction/damien-hirst-new-paintings-interview/ for a fresh look at this man and his work.

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