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Friday, October 23, 2009

Driving by the Comox Valley Art Gallery on tuesday I noticed in the window that my painting
of Josette was propped up, apparently in readiness to hang. Now this is exciting, I thought.
The painting will be available for viewing any time day or night for the duration of the show.
The opening is tonight but I can't make it, unfortunately. It is quite far from where we live and
the night time drive back home through the mountains, in the rain and fog, is fairly treacherous. I am just pleased that the curators like the image well enough to give it this
kind of attention. Giving pleasure to others through my work is quite truly the best reward
of all.
The grant proposal is written finally, (and thanks very much to David Peto, of Vancouver, who kindly did some review and editing for me), and now I am putting the budget figures together and gathering the information for the CV and listing of all past exhibits and mentions in the press, etc. Since I have done this kind of thing before I already have it fairly well organized, but I do not have most of this information on my computer so I think that is a step I need to take. The grant committee is apparently interested in past work so I will delve into works from quite some time ago that is relevant to the project I am proposing. Some of it is only on slides so those will need to be scanned as all images are to be submitted on a disc. I haven't kept much of the work from a long time ago and now wonder if that was a mistake. The best pieces were sold, for the most part, and I have no idea where they are. It is like having children whom
you send out into the world but then never hear from again. They stay in your heart though.

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