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Monday, September 14, 2009

Girl in a Kimono

I have wanted to do this painting for quite some time but always got distracted by other issues and a couple of experiments in the past few months working in other styles and trying on some different subject matter. This is more of a return to a way of working that I feel more comfortable about. Getting out of that comfort zone has been a good learning experience, however, and always good for shaking up the stale rut I sometimes get into. I like working with a single figure with a simplified background and only minimal props. Here, too, I can concentrate on the flow and drape of fabric which is especially appealing to me. This kimono is an antique that I bought years ago in San Francisco; not a particularly valuable kimono but a decent, heavy silk and a lovely, subtle hand painted pattern on it. I used to wear it with a purple obi and felt very elegant in it. I have since given it away to a young woman singer in a band who wears romantic and funky costumes. The model in this image is the cousin of my ex, with whom I am on very good terms...Josette has posed for me a few times and I have used her in other works. She has a classic face and timeless expression, plus all her curly hair makes for fun painting. (I know about curly hair as I have a mop of it myself and it is NOT always fun to take care of).

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  1. Nice, Karen; the two portraits of Lisa down below are just stunning; I saw the oil at the Originals Only show and recognized her right away.