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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Debbie's feet worked out perfectly. I finished up and got the painting into the Comox Valley Art Gallery on tuesday afternoon. Some of the background colour was a tad tacky yet so I had nightmares about paint rubbing off on the work of other entrants...so hoping that hasn't happened! How embarrassing. I did let the girl taking the work know about it and asked her to place it away from other work for a day or so. The show doesn't open until next week. Now it is time to concentrate on another revision of my grant essay. I haven't looked at it for several days so I should be able to immediately see what works and what doesn't when I look at it again. I also need to start planning for the mounting and framing of the 30 drawings I am putting in a show in January. That date will sneak up on me fast. I also have to consider what to enter in the "Telling Stories" show I have been invited to show in. One has to be a self portrait. I do have one from about four years ago...very small coloured pencil. Do I feel ready to embark on a new one? Staring at my own face is often less than inspirational...

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