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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Progress on the new version...

       First two days of the new version of Kim wearing the shawl but I felt very blank about the whole thing. I put off working more on it for two days and wondering if it is worth doing. Then I got back to work yesterday and saw it beginning to gel for me. I think it's going to be ok. The variation of my moods is sometimes a wonder. Is sanity really a push-pull machination? Just interacting with other living, breathing souls seems to help all the confusion I often feel; yesterday I got a call from an artist friend whom I haven't seen or spoken with in a few months and felt elevated and upbeat all day. This morning I felt the need to hear my son's voice and when I called we had one of those wonderful conversations that goes all over the spectrum. Keeping it together is really pretty simple when there are others you care about to connect with. I have to remember not to become too insulated up here in Sayward.

     I began yesterday's session by premixing skin tones and then slapped them on in a very general, unfussy manner. Allowing my hand to do it's own thing often works well for me but I do have to be in the correct frame of mind. 

       I'm a blender by nature. I know many artists who lay down colour and tone and leave it alone. Can't do it myself. There is something sensuous and deeply satisfying about combining the colours smoothly together attempting to have the blend so perfect that it is impossible to see where one colour/tone begins or ends. You'd think the airbrush would be my tool of choice but there is a slickness from that technique which I do not care for. Somehow the use of my own hand and a tiny fan brush and all the imperceptible squiggles and overlappings give the work a one-of-a-kind look that is very appealing to me. 

       The painting of "Listening for a Nightingale" arrived safely in Orangeville Ontario at it's new home just before a major storm passed through the area. The storm actually damaged the wall where it was supposed to hang so for now it will be placed elsewhere. 

       Still have to think about a title for this new painting. 


  1. The painting is coming along beautifully.

  2. Hi Karen,
    Forgive my late CONGRATULATIONS on the completion and sale of your last painting (I was on vacation). I was so excited to see the progress you made and when I returned from vacation I saw you not only ocmpleted that one but have started another! You are something! When you get the wind beneath you, you soar.

    Thank you for sharing all your works in progress; I really enjoy them. I think I recall reading that you no longer stretch your own canvas but am curious if you have a current "favorite?" Do you prefer linen or cotton?

    The pose in your new piece is wonderful. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. I tend to be pretty insulated myself. The only thing that keeps it from being 24/7 is having to go to work. Even there, most times I'd rather be insulated.

  4. Good evening "You"!... Good to be back in touch and to see and hear that you are pushing the envelope and producing good work and that you are REALLY using strategies to ward off the demons that we artists seem condemned to carry along with us!

    Staying in touch with those who motivate us... understand us and accept us for who we are... and aren't prevents us from slipping under that paralytic spell that insulation for too long at the easel in the (too) quiet space we call our studio can heap upon us!

    Thanks for your very encouraging and uplifting words left on my site! Much appreciated Karen!

    Good for you!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. The earlier version of Kim looks great!
    Love the blended colors and values along with the elegant design and composition.
    Looking forward to seeing the second version of Kim!

  6. I love this painting. The reds are very exotic and glowing. Beautiful and gorgeous artwork.