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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Don't Fight the Magic

       Since the previous painting sold even before being completed I have decided to begin another similar one for the Sooke Show that I had initially been planning to enter using the other painting (if you are getting confused just think how it is for me.). I have several worth while shots, as I pointed out before, from the day Kim posed for me. The sketch has been enlarged and transferred to the toned canvas and the initial umber underpainting is now drying. This time I intend to include the embroidered flowers on the shawl as this pose is not as complex and I think it needs the extra embellishment. I've got three weeks to do this before final entry deadline. If by some unimaginable miracle this one also sells before I enter it in the show then I'll assume I'm under a magic spell and fully accept my fate:-) The labour of working on a canvas has progressed from pushing myself do it a few times a week to gratefully, happily  running to get out here to the studio almost continuously . After all, those magic spells don't come along every day.


  1. Happy to read of your sale - someone is a very lucky collector!

  2. This one is beautifully done as a sketch, Karen. Nice to see your work space.

  3. I love this pose too. It will be exquisitely beautiful, just as the other piece was, Karen. Your studio looks so nice too!

  4. You look so cozy in your studio - with your stove... and I am going to say right here, that I am impressed with - NO APRON - you are, in addition to being a fabulous painter, a NEAT painter! Wow. And this painting is awe-inspiring - as is the one that sold. Thanks for being my inspiration this morning....