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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cameras are not edible.

       A quick posting today; just found out that the deadline for entering the Sooke show has been extended into June! Good news, although I am fairly certain I will have this done by the May 25th date they did have, but at least I can breathe easy about this and not feel rushed. So much to do outside right now - and inside too - feeling pulled in multiple directions. No time for sitting in the sun with a good book and a big glass of lemonade:-) It's still a bit chilly up here for that sort of thing anyway. And the wind! We have had major wind for about three days even though the sun is out, no clouds in the sky - gorgeous really but kind of hard to work outside with stuff blowing around. It happens up in the area some years and I'm told the wind can last all summer! When I traveled down island yesterday it was calm and lovely but up here in the mountain valley, well, make sure things are battened down!

       Yesterday I went to meet with my art group friends in Comox. We were at a lovely home overlooking Comox Estuary, with snow capped mountains in the background. We were able to be outside to paint and socialize. Needed that!! Vicky has a new DSLR camera and showed me all its great features...couldn't help but covet just a little, even though I have decided I don't really need a full DSLR. A good Canon bridge camera would do for me I think. Been researching this for two years but still using my 12 year old Canon G2. At least I HAVE a camera. Get over yourself, Karen...

       So you can see I am making progress. I redid that background three separate times. This painting will have a different feel from the first version but that's ok. It's time to concentrate on legs and fringe stuff next, and the bottom section of the shawl needs to be reworked a bit. I feel too distracted though by all the chores needing to be done. Bob had 10 yards of beautiful, black soil with fish compost delivered for the newer, bigger, higher raised beds he built in the vegetable garden and it has to be shoveled into those beds before we can plant. Growing some of our food in summer definitely saves on our small budget. Ah, the money spent on soil and delivery could get me a lovely new Canon G12 camera - but you can't eat a camera:-)


  1. Food does take a priority. I can fully understand being on a budget. Looking forward to seeing how you finish your painting.

  2. Wow, the drape in the painting looks luscious! The painting is looking beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing the finished work. It is sunny and chilly a bit further down the coast here too and I really need to get out and get some weeding done.

  3. This is coming along beautifully, Karen! Sometimes when I get pulled in too many directions I end up folding in on myself and accomplishing nothing. Ah well...just desserts, I guess. I do it all to myself anyway.

    I so admire your lifestyle too.

  4. Ha ha..cool post..no, you can't eat a camera. I hope the winds calm down and you are able to enjoy a glorious summer and have your beautiful painting all completely ready in June. She's gorgeous!

  5. this is breathtaking right now. i cannot wait to see it completed. stunning work as always karen. hope you are well.