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FineArtViews Painting Competition - Twice in the Fav 15%

http://canvoo.com/boldbrush/badge/13203 three times selected for FAV15%, Fine Art Views Bold Brush Painting Competition

Monday, May 21, 2012

Back in the FAV15% - is three times a charm?

       "Listening For A Nightingale" was selected as one of the Bold Brush competition FAV15% on the FineArtViews site for last month. This is the third time I have had a piece chosen for the FAV15%. Keep hoping for being a finalist someday when I grow up:-) Then return to ideas about never entering anything again...what is the point, I ask myself, even knowing as I think this that I will be entering another competition sometime soon. Actually today; I entered it in the  Artist's Magazine annual art competiton. 

            The current work is very close to completion now, sitting on my easel awaiting ministrations but I'm finding it hard to do this last part for some reason. Once again the fringe is driving me a bit crazy. I want to add the embroidery on the shawl and that might even be fun, but can't get started. Maybe it's that I'm feeling hungry right now. I don't work well when I'm hungry. Maybe I should go back to the house and make some lunch, although it's after two...ok, early supper? It's so gratifying when a simple solution to a problem presents itself.


  1. Well congrats on fav 15, that's a major accomplishment and you should feel proud of that! This whole series of paintings are really incredibly special. Such a powerful, emotional work, both of them. Hope you've filled your belly now so you can get back to work! ;) lol

  2. Congratulations Karen on on honor well-deserved. Your work is always so beautiful so it comes as no surprised. I wish simple solutions came as readily for me! LOL

  3. I love the fringe wok, it is done beautifully.

  4. You NEVER cease to amaze me. Congrats Karen. If you don't final with this painting, then the judges are BLIND!

    Exquisite work. If I could only paint like you... Stunning.

    Today I drew an illustration for a collaborative work I am doing with a writer friend. It will be a large collection of B&W fantasy images. Today's was the Centaur. I was happy with it until now .. LOL. your work is so, SO, SO AMAZING.

    Mine look like rough sketches next to this. Oh, well. At least I can admire your creatively and dream, some day.

    I know we will be hearing good news about this soon.

  5. Congratulations on your Fav 15%! I would have made you a winner. This series of paintings is absolutely stunning! The figure and draped shawl are simply sublime, and the fabric framing in the woman, with the faded out pattern surrounding is a wonderful effect. Well done!

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Michael, you are a very talented writer so don't berate yourself about your illustrating ability! Everything in life requires time to dedicate to it if you want to improve and there is only so much time for it all. I have spent a LOT of time practicing drawing and painting - you have spent a LOT of time practicing writing...it all is balanced and works out in the end.
    I understand this FAV15% is just the favorites of the staff of FineArtView and that the final judging is still to come. We'll see what happens.