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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plans for the future.

       Working on this every day is moving it right along. It's funny how for a while I am jazzed about how it's going and then later I look again and am distressed by how far below my hopes and expectations it is. I see I will need to add some retouch varnish to all the dark places...that  Burnt Umber, even mixed with other rich colours, tends to sink in and go dead looking. Using Liquin is helping with faster drying. I hope tomorrow to be able to start the woven fringe on the bottom of the shawl. That will take some patience but at least it looks like I'll have this basically finished by week's end, in time for entering it in the Sooke show, then I can get back to the three floral pieces and start thinking about painting some fabric for making my Mother-of-the-Groom outfit:-) Somewhere in there I have to get back to some serious house keeping though...it's getting out of hand. And my car! I don't even want to think about it. Major dog hair and lots of accumulated dust, dirt, pebbles, etc., and even after I get this accomplished I have to accept that there's more where that came from. At least it's close to dinner time and I can go think about that now and then settle into a good book or watch whatever Bob chooses from the library DVD's or Netflix, which we recently signed up for. That cleaning stuff isn't going anywhere.


  1. Your paintings look like photographs. Great work.

  2. Beautiful progress Karen! Will be amazing when completed.

  3. This is just such an exquisitely beautiful piece, Karen. How envious I am of your talents!

  4. I love how you show progress reports on your beautiful paintings. The wallpaper will make this one really stand out. She's gorgeous!

    I have netflix too but so far have only watched Downton Abbey on it..which I loved.

  5. Wow! That is amazing. So gorgeous! I had to stop and take a good look to see if it was a painting or a photo. Amazing.

  6. Your work awes me! Stunning color, composition and style.
    Thank you for the beautiful close up!