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Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's effort will require modification...sigh.

       After spending all day on the background I have decided that it is too intense...needs to be lightened. I blurred out some of it but still too strong. I am, however, going to wait until I work more on the figure and the shawl before I do any more on the background. I have been putting more work into the hydrangeas piece also but set it aside the day before yesterday. I can't face all those tiny petals just now. Anyway, the Venetian Red in the background is very potent and just seems to get into everything so I'll probably get back to the florals tomorrow. Until that red dries I will risk smearing it into the figure and I don't need that frustration. It has been very nice actually looking forward to getting out to the studio every morning instead of feeling out of sorts about what to do while I'm out here! Spending some of my time doing yard work I think actually helps too. I even hung the hummingbird feeder out today! No sign of them yet but I remember last year they came earlier than I expected so I want to be prepare to welcome them. We can almost wear our light weight jackets outside now and everything is budding. It has seemed a very long winter.

       Once I get these four paintings completed I can get back to the model-in-a-box work I started...it seems ages. Not doing any outdoor shows this year. I just want to concentrate on a few paintings and not worry about venues.


  1. I wish I had your motivation. What is your secret? Yes I wish I could just create for awhile without have to worry about any deadlines. But as my cousin said to me, you are starting out, is best I keep putting a piece in, to help make a name for myself. I don't know...seems difficult to sell a painting in a gallery or some other venue. But I have sold two in my home which is great. Keep up the great work, Karen. Looking forward to seeing the what you will do further on this painting.

  2. I think this is coming along beautifully, Karen. I am not an art critic at all but the only problem (by the way, don't you hate the word "but"?) I see at all in this is the big pink leaves or flowers on the white with green leaves wall paper. They fight too much with the nice panel of red/pink wallpaper and with those beautiful skin tones. Otherwise I truly think this is stunning and I hope you don't have too much to do to get it to your liking. Absolutely exquisite job on Kim herself!

  3. Hello Karen. Thank you for the comment on my blog.I have tryed once to install translater on my blog. But it only translatet one word at the time. So it would take too much time for you to make a translation. So therefor I took it away again. Sorry.
    Best regards from Kirsten from Denmark.