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Friday, April 6, 2012

Just when I was getting in the mood...

       After spending a lot of time sketching and thinking and resizing and toning the canvas I finally got the image of Kim in the shawl transferred. I was in a bit of a hurry at this point because I have to go out and help Bob with his ongoing tree removal project so I just grabbed a size 12 filbert oil brush and started slapping on glazes of colour. I finished up the light tone with a size 5 filbert. It all went on in about six minutes. 

       I have to admit I'm really happy with how it looks so far. There is a lot to do, however, so no celebrating yet. It's isn't too late to wreck it:-) I have to decide on adding more layers of paint too...do I leave it in these thin glazes or go for a real bite of physical paint? I'll know more once I start the shawl and background. I want a slightly hazy element but knowing me I could easily be seduced by details and nitpicking. I need someone here to whack me over the hand when I overwork something.

       Meanwhile, I find it a bit ironic that I am now also busily working on three floral paintings (for a client) when I consider how numb I was all through the winter...couldn't get motivated...nothing much happening creatively speaking. Maybe I need the sunshine on occasion?? Dull days seem to make ME dull. They are 12"x12" each. I have all three started and underpainted on canvas but I have spent the most time with the hydrangeas. For the first two days of this week working on it I felt all thumbs and couldn't seem to remember how I have painted this subject before - I was getting all lost in the tiny petals and variations of colour. By wednesday afternoon I was close to weeping with frustration but yesterday it suddenly began to happen. Don't you love when it does that? Something clicks and the hand just takes over. If I could bottle it I'd be a millionaire.

       But, though I have finally gotten in the mood to be out here painting all day and into the evening (sigh) now it's time to switch gears and  get into lumberjack mode:-) Where did I put my flannel shirt; oh yeah, I'm already wearing my gum boots...


  1. It is looking good so far, Karen. Keep it up. Now I need a good boost to get me painting again too. Just not feeling inspired lately.

  2. Gidday there!... HOPPY Easter to "You"... Bob and the Dog Persons!

    At Easter... one can choose to focus on the Crucifixion... or???... The Resurrection!Choices!!!

    Pitter-patter!... 'n just get at 'er!

    Good Painting and Happy Spring!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Your attention to detail in the hydrangeas is paying off in spades, Karen. They are gorgeous! I so wish I could figure out how to paint them like this; they are my second favorite flower. Your work in Kim so far is fabulous! I like the softness and the undertones you've created so far.

  4. Your portrait painting looks so real it could be mistaken for a sculpture. She's beautiful so far and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

    Yes, spring is here and we as artists, have to leave our studios to garden. They go together well though don't you think? Flowers and art~

  5. Karen, I am always so impressed with your large pieces! Kim is already looking beautiful and I look forward to seeing her progress. I know she will be spectacular.

  6. hygrangea will be stunning karen !

  7. Glad to hear you got your groove on. They look beautiful already.

  8. Karen, glad to hear you got your grove on again. They look beautiful already.

  9. You are quite a busy lady Karen , both paintings are wonderful already, but the Hydrangeas are fabulous...a future master piece!