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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stylistic differences

There are four pieces ready now to submit to the A.I.R. Gallery "Privacy Please" show in Brooklyn, NY. Oops. Two go together but not very well with the other two. There is a big stylistic difference going on here. Subject matches but not style. What do I do? Try to come up with two more in the new style? I have less than a month. I could do it I guess, but I also had hoped to show the first two from last year as I do like them. Will this difference keep me from being chosen by the curator? 

Why do I always do this kind of thing to myself? For one thing I can see now that I made a leap (small jump?) last year and have moved on, grown even. I was very tentative with the first two, feeling my way, and also trying to express a Colville sort of mood, rather than just my own. The growth is a good thing but it's timing could be better - can't go back now. Wouldn't if I could. Need to sleep on this.


  1. Hi Karen, I love the facial paintings best even though the whole series is awesome. I'd love to see you do one of a baby sitting on the floor with the light lines falling across him or her and maybe a couple of blocks or a small stuffed animal. I bet it would be awesome.
    Anonymous aka Carol B.
    (yes, google is still not letting me sign in to comment on some blogs; go figure)

  2. These paintings are amazing. I am in awe!

  3. These are fabulous, Karen and so interesting to see them as a group. I agree with your assessment about the different styles. Both styles work wonderfully but I think they make a stronger statement if shown independent of each other. And, kudos on your pastel work!

  4. This series has me drooling! Love the style and the complex beauty. What a brilliant idea! Your creativity is so inspiring!

  5. Thanks again! I am in limbo about whether or not the first two will fit with the second two but wrote a pretty good statement to go with them so perhaps it will all gel as it's meant to:-)

  6. Hi Karen, thank you very much for your expansive words about my artwork.
    I like your creative ideas, brights and experimentals. You haven't got two styles, the second needs more light and you have unity.
    Best wishes, Fernando,

  7. you are absolutlely thinking out of the box. wonderful concepts and workmanship.

  8. I love all of these paintings, Karen..absolutely amazing!!!

  9. I think your series is wonderful; I love the faces with the shadow from the windowshade. Simple and elegant all at once. Great work!