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Monday, June 6, 2011

Change of Title

"Girl in a Garden"

The title of this piece has been changed to "Girl in a Garden".  It is straightforward and not provocative as the other title was which was pointed out to me by a good friend. I am not trying to make a statement about the vulnerability of young women here - I just wanted to present a pleasing image which gives one pause to consider many things...which is possibly the intent of most images in art. 

Moving on to the next work now.


  1. That's cute and funny Karen. I didn't notice it til you mentioned it. Definitely the new title seems more appropriate.

  2. This is a wonderful portrait--pensive and quiet. A very feminine feel to it.

  3. The intricate details are so beautiful on this painting Karen.

    Good luck with this submission. I will look forward to your next masterpiece.

  4. Wow, Karen! I've been watching from afar as you worked on this, but I just had to stop in and tell you how wonderful it turned out. I sat in front of my monitor looking like an idiot with my mouth wide open in awe for quite a while. Thankfully, my family is in bed and didn't see me embarrassing myself like that. :-) It's beautiful!


  5. Amazing work Karen. I'm just in awe of your skill. Such sensitive, but also dynamic work. Truly a masterpiece. :)

  6. You guys are all so cute! Thank you for your interest and so you know, Michael, this is for an invitational show on pastels next month that I was asked to be in, but I do hope to submit this for some competitions. Don, I am glad you didn't "embarrass" yourself in front of your family - I wouldn't want anyone to do that on my account! Thankyou for such kind words! Crystal, also thank you so much (I'm loving your latest with your son taking your "still life" in hand:-) Stephanie and Healing Woman, you always are there cheering me along - thank you so much!

  7. wow, this is incredible karen...just so beautiful!

  8. LOVE the hair. Very delicate. You are so talented... glad to find a new blog to follow!!!