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Friday, June 3, 2011

Meeting a Deadline

"Fresh Blooms"   pastel   25"x18 1/2"

Managing to meet a deadline is often a stress inducer but for me it can be the fire I need built under me to keep going. I promised this for today and I just emailed off the jpeg to the woman coordinating the show next month. I was a commercial illustrator for many years and deadlines were a fact of life. It was not unusual to make the deadline only to be told a day later (or less) that changes were needed, usually not my fault or anything to do with what I had turned in. I always wondered why there was time for these changes when the initial deal was that it HAD to be in by a certain date and time OR ELSE! Then there would be a mad rush to make the changes requiring me to forego sleep, food, and the society of others. I worked on holidays, while on vacation (work would be sent to me or I would be asked to take it along), and even up to a few hours before giving birth to my son. This is great discipline for training oneself to work even when sick, bored, frustrated, or just not interested in the subject. An illustrator is normally expected to research the topic/subject and find one's own models and props and it all has to be done yesterday.

I decided to just call this "Fresh Blooms" as I am not a fan of esoteric, mystical, or romantic type titles. I'm not totally satisfied with this title but it isn't the worst I've ever used. Anyone with a better idea can let me know.

Now back to the Privacy Please show entries I started last week...only have a couple of weeks to get those done and submitted.  You know, I could just work on things to please myself and not worry about submission deadlines, etc. My husband says it's because I'm a Leo and need an audience that I keep showing my stuff. I hate to admit that he may be right.


  1. Dearest Karen, I am so enchanted by your painting! The details are amazing.

  2. wow Karen what a beautiful portrait - whoever she is must be really pleased with it :)

  3. I have to admit I dont like working to deadlines, probably because Im not very good at managing my time hehe! Well whatever the title Karen, its a beautiful portrait. You capture that youthful look so well, they seem to glow

  4. Beautiful portrait, love the progress shots!