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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Progress on my face lift

Procrastination set in for a couple of days and I only dribbled and drabbled a bit on the two new canvases for the Privacy Please show.  Today I got down to business and worried for a few minutes about where to start. Painting shadows across the skin is tricky and requires even more concentration and observation than the usual portrait does. I had laid in some plain, fast drying white yesterday to establish the non shadow areas and today tackled everything from the center out, starting with the eyes. I used  alizarin crimson, cad red, indian red, payne's grey, naples yellow, white, and a very small touch of burnt umber for skin tones, both in light and shadow, just different intensities and values. I should use a limited palatte more often - it is fun to watch all the colours you can come up with. For the eyes I used payne's grey, viridian, yellow ochre and naples yellow.

I'm thinking of softening and blurring as I work out toward the edges of the canvas concentrating more focus on the face.

Meanwhile I am reading all this stuff about the bad shape the world is in and get back to wondering for the umpteenth time why I get so concerned about how the painting is going when so much is falling apart. Is is fear mongering going on out there, or is it really something we should all be paying attention to? I get tired of never knowing what to believe. Maybe that's why I, and many of you, stick with the art problems - at least we can have some control over that and it is something one CAN believe in.


  1. Can't wait to see where this is going..I sort of know but it will be amazing when you finish.

    Yes, it's best to stick to art for that is what we know. I'm always worrying about the world and it gets me nowhere.

  2. Hi Karen!.... "I" am so very pleased to see "You" ... busy at the easel... doin' what only you do as well!

    Your portraits are nothing short of magnificent!!! Your spirit... conscience and your intentions pure and honourable are admirable!

    But your ability to buffer the world from the insanity that seems rampant is limited!

    Life is complicated Karen!
    Just do YOUR best... and be joyful!

    Your upbeat example is a refreshing light... and respite for those who choose to follow your blog!

    Good Painting... and much Joy and Peace!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Stunning Karen! This brings a whole other dimension to your art. Looking forward to see the end result.