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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Close to finishing this up. I am already kind of distracted by planning for the "painting party" I am hosting next month. I need to focus on what is in front of me, I know, I know.  Now, though, I am second guessing myself about what Sam will wear. Geez didn't I have this all settled? I even found the perfect head wrap to match the outfit - a red, like the red trim on the skirt, and
embroidered with gold threads and sequins! (Makes me almost wish I was back in the dance troupe).  And what kind of background? Simple...probably...maybe? Just lit by the window, natural light or an indoor spot? And wishing I had a proper model's stand. This wasn't supposed to be complicated. I have never, ever had a plan for a painting just fall into place. I look at what others are doing and I want to give up sometimes. Have you seen Marina Dieul's latest? It won an award at the Portrait Society of America 2011 International competition. Spectacular!  Click here, Murina Dieul, to see this beautiful painting! 

Meanwhile I need to spend some time pulling together possible items to use for next month. Try some things out. Think of what the theme will be. Sketch up some compositions. I often think of how I would have done a painting better AFTER I have finished it.  I don't have a whole lifetime ahead of me to come up with an Opus...better, better and better...all the way to 
BEST! There is still so  much for me to learn. It gets tiring. 


  1. Life is an ongoing learning experience isn't it? I love the way you analyze each painting and take us step by step into your art realm. I thought your painting looked finished when you first posted it but now I see it is becoming more and more refined.

  2. It is better. The softness is beautiful. I love delicacy of the way you painted Sam's hand.

    I admire your passion to want to keep learning, Karen. SO many adult think they not it all and stifle their growth. Yes, Murina's art is flawless. I actually preferred the more impressionistic work. The realism on the child is so much like a photograph, which to paint it that way is extraordinary, but it doesn't look like a painting. The playfulness of light dappling on her other paintings is much more appealing to me.

    As your portraits so beautifully portray ... I like paintings to look like paintings.



  3. Thankyou both! As you say Michael, I too like to see a painting that looks like a painting rather than a photograph. Still, Murina's work often takes my breath away!