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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Entering Shows

Today I decided to enter, for the first time, the Artist Magazine competition. I sent in a jpeg of "To Tell a Story" and am not holding my breath about the results. I would like to quietly forget that I entered and then be pleasantly surprised come August when the finalists are notified...or  not in the case of NOT being a finalist. 

The painting above is finished, I think. I can't do any more on it right now and my feeling is anything more would be unimportant. I don't even have a title for this yet. 

I did get down to Victoria (BC) on monday as we had to take our grandson home from Spring break. Morris Gallery is representing a few artists that I know so I stopped by to take a look and left my card. Everything I'm reading in the many newsletters I get are talking about how careful one has to be in approaching a gallery these days and it makes me question the whole premise of even needing a gallery. So many are closing and those that are staying open just aren't doing that well. They aren't excited about taking on new artists when they have difficulty selling those they do represent. I also receive numerous requests to be part of artist "books" and go with questionable dealers.  You pay for these privileges. No thanks. I do understand about fees to enter shows and as long as they aren't exorbitant I can manage to enter a few every year.  The new outdoor show season is about to begin. Maybe it will be a more prosperous year than the past few have been but not sure I am up to the effort. I could use a roadie.


  1. What a beautiful painting Karen. I hope you are a finalist! I entered last year but no luck. Ah well, I wasn't expecting anything anyway. :) But I really think you deserve it. Truly I do, your art is outstanding.

  2. Fingers tightly crossed for your entry. xx
    So hard when it comes to galleries, isn't it. Tough times out there for all :(

  3. Beautiful work! And best of luck on the magazine competition! I've never been brave enough to enter myself.

  4. simply stunning as always karen! good luck with your entry, i'm sure you will do well. i can relate to your gallery thoughts. i'm finding online representation trouble free and so much less expensive. good luck with everything. love your care in setting up for your next masterpiece.

  5. Wow this is a special painting is has such a 3D effect the perspective is perfect