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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taking Over

I love it when a painting begins to take over and almost paints itself. That hasn't happened for a while but it seems to be with this one. I am scarcely looking at my reference now...just going by the impression I get from glancing at it.  I've made a few changes in areas and now see that this is going to be a very different portrait from the one I envisioned. I am as curious as anyone to see how it will come out.
And now the snow is gone and the sun it out and yard work begins but it seems a relief after feeling so closed in for so many months. Ask me how I feel about it in another week or so and the clipping, trimming, planting, and general cleaning are in full swing. At least the painting is a place for me to take a break.


  1. I love when the creative muse or artistic force takes over too. It is as if the work takes on a life of it's own, demanding to become what it wants to be.

  2. Hi Karen!... Your Samanda piece is really taking shape... and the "feel" that you are trying to share with readers about the "Flow"... is very obvious in the actual image at this particular point in your process.

    I very much love the way that the foliage lessens in absolute detail in the lower and upper parts of the image... while the detail... appearing closest to us is crisp and distinct.

    This visual "push n pull"... creates a nice spatial tension... but allows Samanda to sit quietly.. yet "She"... meaning the portrait essence... still manages to remain the focal point in the work! A nice touch!

    If it were me... I'd really be working slowly and carefully... doing a lot of looking and thinking. Just a thought and observation!

    Nicely done.Good luck with the gardening!

    Good Painting!... and Happy Spring!
    Warmest regards,

  3. I love the sharpness of the leave in the foreground. It gives quite an effect of depth!

  4. Really lovely image Karen, seems so well balanced and what a sweet expression)

  5. This is beautiful! I really understand what you mean. I have been avoiding painting but really have to try to finish what I have started! I think if I could paint like you I might feel a lot better about getting back to it! Oh well practice, practice.

  6. So glad everyone is liking this. I get the feeling you kind of think this is finished...it isn't! I DO however want to keep that middle ground sharpness and foreground and background blurring. I intend to do more with her hair and the far background colouring.

  7. This looks lovely - and you have a great blog too xx